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Range Rover P38 immobiliser removal

Range Rover P38 immobiliser removal


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As anyone who has owned a P38 Range Rover for any period of time will tell you, the factory immobiliser system can be a little flaky to put it mildly.  

There are such a large number of components and huge amount of wiring that can go wrong (let's face it these cars are 16 years old at their youngest these days).

 What these can lead to is the fateful engine disabled message on the dashboard info screen (or a number of other messages).  

Whatever the message the end result is the same. The engine will not start no matter what you do.

 Here at Boosted Remaps we are specialists in the electronics as well as the software side of vehicle electrical system.  

What this means is that we can permanently disable the immobiliser system in your diesel P38 Range Rover.  Yes, permanently.

 No matter what happens after we have modified your ECU** (the engines brain if you will) the immobiliser system will not kick back in.

  Our method is 100% guaranteed and we have a super quick turnaround where we can often get the ECU back to you in the return post (48-72 hour turnaround)

Give us a call if you need any further info - the number is at the top of the page.



**(there is a small wiring modification to be made on the vehicles BECM module (under the seat)

It's a very simple modification and any competent DIY'er can complete the task (or a local auto electrician can use our guide to do the work for you).


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